Hallidays Sports Club was formerly known as Black Head Bowling Club.  Black Head Bowling Club opened its doors in 1975. Both the Men and Women’s bowls sub club have competed at both Pennants, District and Zone levels.  Our bowling community has a long tradition of being friendly and inclusive.

In 2020, the men and women bowlers unified under the banner of Club Black Head unified Bowls Club.  The first Club withing the region to achieve this milestone.

Since unification our bowling community have commenced new traditions with a unified committee of five bowlers who operate across both men and women bowls at our Club.

Recently, with the amalgamation of Club Black Head and Wyong Leagues Group our bowling sub club has supported the merger by changing our name to Hallidays Sports Bowling Club and upgraded our uniform to reflect the change.

As a result of the amalgamation, already our bowlers have benefited.  The recent upgrade to the second green has been completed and future developments to the Club and its surrounds are to occur this year.